The following essays have been taken from Newby’s unpublished lecture and writing notes. Additional essays, taken from published work, will be added later.




Selected Published Essays

  • “The Achievement of Maria Edgeworth.” Listener. June 9, 1949. pp. 986-­987.
  • The Book of the Thousand and One Nights. By Sir Richard Burton. Edited with introduction by Newby. London: Arthur Barker. 1950; New York: Pocket Books [1959), under the title Tales from the Arabian Nights.
  •  “The Good Sailor,” London Magazine, VI (Dec., 1959), 13-25. A story.
  • “Grimm’s Fairy Spell,” Listener, Dec. 23, 1948, pp. 978-979.
  • “Having Drunk of the Nile,” Listener, Feb. 24, 1949, pp. 307-308.
  • Introduction. Eothen. By A. W. Kinglake. London: John Lehmann, 1948.
  • “The Muse in the Nursery.” Listener, Aug. 5. 1958, pp. 203-204. A slightly shorter version: “The Changing Mood ‘of the Muse in the Nursery.” New York Times Book Review, March 5, 1950, pp. 7, 16.
  • “The Novels of Randolph Stow,” Australian Letters, I (Nov., 1957), 49-51.
  • “Profile of a lady of Mystery,” New York Times Magazine, Sept. 18, 1949, pp. 24-25, 64, 66. On Cleopatra.
  • “The Sea and the Savage,” Listener, Sept. 20, 1951, pp. 457.458. On Fenimore Cooper.
  • “The ‘Thousand and One Nights,'” Listener, Jan. 29, 1948, pp. 178-179.
  • “The West Wycombe of Baron le Despenser,” Listener, Jan. 20, 1949, PP. 84-98.
  • “The World of Imagination,” Listener, April 28, 1949, pp. 721-722.
  • “Written in Sand,” New Statesman and Nation, April 12, 1947, pp. 251­-252.
List of published essays compiled by E. C. Bufkin, (P. H. Newby, Twayne, 1975).

P.H. Newby

P.H. Newby, CBE: novelist, historian, and managing director of BBC Radio. First winner of the Booker Prize in 1969.

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